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Formwork support scaffolding erection requirements

Time : 2023-08-10 Hits : 3

Formwork support scaffolding erection requirements are as follows

1、Surface of steel pipe should be straight and smooth without cracks, scars, delamination, dislocation, hard bend, burr, indentation and deep scratching, and those with serious corrosion, bending, flattening, damages and cracks shall not be used.

2、The special construction program for template support shall be formulated with different heights, spans, loads and processes of engineering structures

3、Scaffolding boards and ramp boards should be fully laid on the crossbar. On both sides of the ramp, the ramp corner and the outer side of the scaffolding working surface, there should be 1m high railing and 18cm high guard plate in its lower part.

4、The scaffolding board must be fixed on the beam of metal pipe scaffolding.

5、Vertical template and supporting part of the supporting part of the support column should be installed on the base, should be added pads, pads should be sufficient strength and supporting area, and should be the center of the bearing.

6, scaffolding is in order to ensure the smooth progress of the construction process and set up a working platform, as a construction project in a few flat indispensable content, the erection of its operation on the whole project is crucial.


Scaffolding erection sequence

From the corner of the building, set up the uprights one by one → Place the longitudinal sweeping bar (close to the large crossbar of the picket beam), and then fasten it with the uprights → Install the transverse sweeping bar (close to the small crossbar of the picket beam), and fasten it with the uprights → Install the first step of the large crossbar (pay attention to fastening it with the uprights) → Install the first step of the small crossbar (fasten it with the large crossbar) → Install the connecting wall piece (or the temporary throw brace) → Install the Install the second big horizontal bar → Install the second small horizontal bar → The third and fourth big horizontal bar and small horizontal bar → Add the wall rod at the corresponding position → Connect the vertical bars (length 6m) → Add scissor braces and transverse diagonal braces → Build the waist handrail bar and the footboard → Pave the bottom scaffolding board → Hang the safety nets (including the flat nets and the vertical nets).