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How much do you know about the details of building screw?

Time : 2023-08-17 Hits : 6

Construction screw is a new type of construction equipment, its role is for the overall lifting of the building stress transfer and adjustment of the bracket, including: support rods, reinforcing bars, bracket surface, support rods are fixed under the bracket surface, reinforcing bars and support rods are fixed and connected, it is set in the lower end of the support rods with adjusting screws, in the bracket surface of the top of the set of a grooved sliding base, in the sliding base is placed in a sliding disk and an adjusting screw is provided on one side, the end of the adjusting screw is pressed against the sliding disk, and the sliding disk can be slid by the action of the screw, featuring smooth and reliable stress transfer of the bracket and convenient adjustment of positional offset when the building is raised.


The construction screw is mainly used in engineering construction, bridge construction and scaffolding bowl buckle scaffolding with the use of the role of the top, bottom support! Screw manufacturers understand that the different regions, for the construction of the screw is also called different. Normally called: adjustable base adjustable top bracket Common name: screw, construction screw, oil bracket, U-shaped bracket, screw on the section, the lower section of the screw. By the way, there are also called brackets.

Construction screw manufacturers of the upper and lower bracket, generally refers to the support of the beam plate template used in the adjustable height of the top bracket, and scaffolding, bowl buckle scaffolding used in conjunction with, play the role of the upper top, the lower bracket. Called differently in different places, also known as U bracket, oil bracket or screw, standardized call: adjustable base top bracket. The specifications are: φ26-φ34, in which the screw is generally processed with round steel on the screw rolling machine, U-shaped steel plate is welded on the top for the top support, and the flat steel plate is welded on the bottom for the bottom support, and the material of the screw nut is cast iron.