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What does a construction screw do

Time : 2023-08-14 Hits : 3

What is a construction screw? What are the functions of construction screws? Construction Screws are used in engineering construction, bridge construction, and scaffolding bowl buckle scaffolding with the use of. It can be used to adjust the height of scaffolding and play the role of top and bottom support. Construction screw is a new building materials tools, its role is to enhance the overall lifting of the building stress transfer and adjustment of the bracket, including: support rods, reinforcing bars, bracket surface, support rods are fixed below the bracket surface, reinforcing bars and support rods between the fixed and connection, it is set in the lower end of the support rods with adjusting screws in the bracket surface of the top of the set up of a slotted base.


Building screws are called differently all over the world. Normally called: adjustable base adjustable top support Commonly known as: screw Construction Screw Oil bracket U-type bracket Screw on the section of the lower section of the screw.

Construction screw is divided into hollow screw and solid screw, hollow screw and solid screw applied raw materials are not the same, hollow screw screw raw materials are generally welded pipe and true seamless pipe, solid screw is generally round steel and so on.

The above is what I brought to you about the construction of the relevant knowledge of the screw, I hope you understand the construction of the screw to help, if you have other products you want to know, you can also feel free to contact the editor, I look forward to your visit.