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What is the specification requirements of scaffolding pads

Time : 2023-08-03 Hits : 4

We all know that in the construction of the project are required to use scaffolding, but not just can be installed and used, there are certain norms and standards, then scaffolding pads specification requirements are what? Here to see it.

Scaffolding pad specification requirements

To use wooden matting, specifications for the long side to be more than 2 across, with a thickness of more than 50 millimeters, the width of the words to be more than 200 millimeters its role is to increase the area of steel pipe contact with the ground, so as to prevent the steel pipe because of the small area of the force and settlement. Now for the installation of external scaffolding requires elements of alkaline hardening treatment, there is no need to lay scaffolding boards.


The basic requirements of scaffolding erection,

1、Whether it is the base or the mat should be accurately placed on the positioning line.

2、The construction load of each working layer should be in accordance with the relevant working requirements and should not be overloaded. Can not put the template bracket, transportation pipe, etc. fixed on the scaffolding, not allowed to hang lifting equipment.

3, single-row scaffolding horizontal bar can not be set up in the following positions: D over the beam or with the ends of the 60-degree triangle within the range; width does not reach 1 meter between the window wall or freestanding columns, etc.; @ lightweight wall; mortar strength grade does not reach M2.5 brick wall, etc..


4, erected to match the progress of construction, the height of each erection can not exceed the adjoining wall of more than two steps

5, the length of the longitudinal horizontal bar to be greater than 3 spans, and is located in the inner side of the pole; need to use butt fasteners or lap if you need to join the long, butt butt fasteners should be staggered, two adjacent joints can not be located in the same span; different spans are staggered horizontally and the distance can not be less than 500 millimeters.

6, the main section must have a horizontal horizontal bar, with corner fasteners fastening forbidden to remove. Double-row frame, if the wall from the end of the extension should be within 0.4 times the length of the center of the two nodes.


Summarize: The above is about the scaffolding pad specification requirements is what and scaffolding erection of the basic requirements of the relevant content of the introduction, I hope to give you some help.