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Door scaffolding product explanation

April 26,2023

Door scaffolding  is a very light scaffolding, everywhere in the city streets, from the shape to distinguish, it is divided into door scaffolding and ladder scaffolding, the difference look at the following chart.

Material, door scaffolding by the main and sub-pipe combination welded together, the main is the diameter of 42mmsteel pipe, wall thickness is usually 2.0-2.5, sub-pipe is generally 25mm diameter steel pipe, wall thickness is usually 1.0-2.0. Size, door scaffolding conventional size (width * height) are 1219 * 1930mm, 1219 * 1700mm, ladder scaffolding The regular size of the ladder scaffold is 1219*1700mm, 1219*1219mm, and the size can also be customized and produced according to the requirements. In terms of use, the scaffold needs relevant accessories to be used, the inclined tie bar is used for the connection between the two scaffolds to maintain the spacing and stability of the two scaffolds, the connecting bar is used for the connection between the upper and lower scaffolds, and also can transfer the pressure from the upper part to the lower part, in addition, it will also be used together with removable casters and hooked steel springboard.


Ladder scaffold


Tilt Rod

We will explain the tilt rods, connecting rods and casters, and the hooks will be explained in the following article.

The diagonal tie rod is 21/22mm diameter steel pipe, wall thickness of 1.0-1.5mm, because it is two riveted together, so the unit is usually a group / a pair / a pair, size with scaffolding, usually 1829 * 1219mm, 1829 is the distance between the two pieces of door frame placed, 1219 is the distance up and down after the expansion of the diagonal tie rod.

The connecting bar is made of steel pipe with a diameter of 36mm and a length of 225mm; the casters used on the scaffold are heavy-duty casters, 6" and 8", with a load capacity of up to 1 ton.

The use of the door frame scene is very wide, not only in the construction site as a peripheral work frame, can also be used in urban areas in a small range of decoration scenes, and even individual families can always have a pair of convenient use.


connecting rod




Hook steel springboard

The above is the product knowledge about the door scaffolding, if there is still added welcome to put forward valuable comments and suggestions.