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Inner scaffolding is aimed at the construction of the main body for the interior wall services

July 07,2023

Also known as the main body of the interior wall project  scaffolding.


But to be divided into different situations set quotas such as:

Building wall scaffolding, where the design of the interior floor to the lower surface of the top plate (or the height of the wall at 1/2) the height of 3.6m or less (non-lightweight block wall), according to the single-row scaffolding; scaffolding volume = net length of the inner wall * net height of the inner wall height of more than 3.6m is less than 6m, according to the double-row scaffolding calculations.

Calculate the amount of scaffolding work:

1. The quantity of mile scaffolding is calculated according to the projected area of the wall. Considering the characteristics of industrial buildings and civil buildings, the subheadings in the quota are calculated separately.

2. When the height of the building is within 3.6m, it is calculated according to the floor area of each floor, and when the height of the floor is more than 3.6m, it is calculated according to the single-row scaffolding.

3. According to the rules of calculation of full scaffolding, full scaffolding shall be calculated, and its scaffolding shall be calculated according to 50% of the floor area of the part.

4. If there is no scaffolding for the part of floor area, the scaffolding shall be calculated separately according to the corresponding project regulations.

Extended Information.

Strengthen the scaffolding construction safety inspection

1.the operation should pay attention to clean up the material falling on the scaffolding surface at any time, keep the scaffolding surface of the regular clean, do not pile up materials, tools, so as not to affect the safety of operation or fall hurt.

2. in prying, pulling, pushing and other operations, should pay attention to take the correct posture, fasten the safety belt, to prevent the body from falling, fall or throw things out. When dismantling the template on the scaffolding, necessary supporting measures should be taken to prevent the dismantled materials from falling out of the scaffolding.

3.When the height of the  scaffolding surface  is not enough, need to be padded, must take a stable and reliable way, and padding shall not exceed 50cm, and at the same time raise the safety protection facilities; more than 50cm shall be re-designed in accordance with the procedures for approval.

4. In the scaffolding surface transportation materials passing by the people who are working, to signal in time to draw the attention of others, the material should be light and stable, not to use dumping, knocking or other hasty unloading methods.

5.Prohibit playing, sleeping or sitting on the crossbar on the scaffolding to rest, not to rush and running and jumping, avoid each other to keep the body balance.