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Pan buckle scaffolding phased inspection and acceptance specifications

May 12,2023

When the erection height reaches the height requirements of the design and before pouring concrete

The pan buckle type support frame focus on checking the following content:

1, the foundation should meet the design requirements, and should be flat and solid, the uprights and the foundation should be no loose, overhanging phenomenon between;

2, the three-dimensional size of the erected frame should meet the design requirements, erection methods and tilt rods and other settings should be in line with the specifications;

3、Adjustable bracket and adjustable base extend the cantilever length of the horizontal rod must meet the design limit requirements;

4、Check whether the pin plate of the vertical inclined rod of thesupport frameis tightened and parallel to the upright rod; whether the pin plate of the horizontal rod is perpendicular to the horizontal rod;

5、Check whether the installation part, quantity and form of various bars meet the design requirements;

6, all pin plates of the support frame must be in a locked state; the overhanging position should be accurate, the horizontal bars and vertical diagonal bars of each stage should be installed intact, the pin plates should be installed tightly, and the safety protection should be in place;

7、The corresponding safety measures such as horizontal safety nets conform to the requirements of the special construction program;

8、The construction records and quality inspection records of erection should be timely and complete.


Notes on dismantling of coiled buckle scaffolding

1, concrete and prestressing pipe pressure slurry to reach the design strength (should have strength report), qualified before demolition frame.

2, the demolition of the support frame must be empirically reviewed and in line with the "Code of Construction Quality Acceptance of Concrete Structures" (GB50204-2015) and other relevant provisions, strict control of demolition time, before demolition must have demolition application and approval. Shelf demolition should be carried out in accordance with the construction plan design of the demolition order.

3, before the removal of the support frame should be sent to check whether the material and debris on the support frame is clean, the support frame must be set out before the removal of the safety zone, and set up eye-catching warning signs. Assign someone to guard, no other personnel work below the frame demolition.

4, demolition should follow the first up and then down, after the first demolition, step by step a clear principle (i.e., from the deflection deformation of the larger start to demolition), the order of parts removal and installation of the opposite order, strictly prohibited up and down at the same time. The order of dismantling is: take the whole hole multi-point, symmetrical, uniform, slow principle, first in the span after the side span, from the span gradually to the two ends of the pivot point symmetrical removal of the bracket.

5, does not allow the dismantling of the façade or up and down two steps at the same time, seriously to achieve the cycle of demolition, a step clear, a pole a clear.


6, support frame demolition, in order to keep the frame body stable, the removal of the minimum retention area of the height and width ratio is strictly prohibited greater than 3:1.

7,steel pipe, fasteners removal, steel pipe and fasteners should be separated, do not allow the steel pipe attached to fasteners transported to the ground, or two steel pipes removed at the same time to transport the ground.

8,scaffolding board removal, should be erected from the outside to the inside, handling, to prevent from the inside to the outside after turning up, scaffolding board garbage objects directly from the high fall injury.

9, unloading should be passed to the ground by the operator of each accessory one by one, throwing is strictly prohibited.

10、The parts transported to the ground should be inspected, repaired and maintained in time, and the stains on the rod and threads should be removed, and the deformation should be sent back for repair.

11, when removing the rod, to inform each other, coordinate operations, has loosened the connection of the rod parts to be removed in time to transport out, to avoid the occurrence of mis-support mis-reliance.

12, after the completion of the day, should carefully check the situation around the post, such as the discovery of parts left hidden, should be timely repair or continue to complete to a program, a part of the restraint, before leaving the post.


Pan buckle type support frame all rod series, standardized, according to the actual needs of construction, the distance between the nodes of the uprights pan buckle is set according to 0.5m modulus, the length of the cross bar is set according to 0.3m modulus, can form a variety of group frame size, convenient for curve arrangement. It can be set up on slope or step-shaped foundation, and can support step-shaped formwork. In addition to this, the pan buckle type support frame can also be temporarily used for a variety of other purposes, for example, it can be used as a safe passage for vehicle passage; it can be used for double-row scaffolding; it can quickly set up a temporary working platform; it can be used with the hanging buckle type step ladder to quickly form a safe and reliable, convenient for personnel to go up and down the cage ladder channel; in addition, it can replace almost all the uses of ordinary steel pipe. Coil buckle support frame as a new type of bracket, in the project construction, the structure is safe and reliable, easy to set up and tear down, no scattered accessories, easy to manage, compared with the traditional bracket, in the project safety and quality, civilized construction have shown obvious superiority, has been vigorously promoted and used in many places.