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Ringlock scaffolding

April 26,2023

ringlock scaffolding type scaffolding is a new type of straight insertsteel pipescaffolding with self-locking function, the main components are uprights and crossbars, with reasonable structure of disc buckle nodes and axial force transmission of uprights, so that the scaffolding as a whole has high structural strength and good overall stability in three-dimensional space, and has reliable self-locking function. It can effectively improve the overall stability strength and safety of scaffolding, and can better meet the needs of construction safety. It has the characteristics of rapid assembly and disassembly, labor-saving, simple structure, stable and reliable, strong versatility, large bearing capacity, safe and efficient, not easy to lose, easy to manage, easy to transport, etc.



①with multi-functionality: it can be composed of single and double-row scaffolding, support frame, support column and other multi-functional construction equipment with different group frame size, shape and bearing capacity according to the specific construction requirements.

② With high efficacy: simple structure, easy and fast disassembly and assembly, completely avoiding bolt work and loss of scattered fasteners, the speed of joint assembly and disassembly is more than 5 times that of conventional blocks, fast and labor-saving assembly and disassembly, and workers can complete all operations with a hammer.

③Have a large bearing capacity: the connection of the uprights is the same axis bearing insert, the node in the frame plane, the joint has bending, shear, torsional mechanical properties, structural stability, large bearing capacity.

④Safety and reliability: the joint design takes into account the effect of self-gravity, so that the joint has a reliable two-way self-locking ability, and the load acting on the crossbar is transferred to the upright rod through the disc buckle, which has a strong shear resistance (maximum 199KN).

⑤The product standardized packaging, less maintenance, quick loading and unloading, convenient transportation and easy storage.

⑥The service life of pan buckle scaffolding is much higher than that of fastening scaffolding, generally it can be used for more than 10 years, because the bolt connection is abandoned. The components are resistant to bumping. Even if the rust does not affect the use of assembling and disassembling.

(7) With early demolition function: the crossbar can be removed in advance for turnover, saving materials, saving wood, saving labor. Really energy-saving and environmental protection, economic and practical.

⑧Practice shows that as a beam span within 15m, the height of the headroom layer in the following 12m single-span, multi-span continuous beam, frame structure housing formwork support system, its stability and safety is better than the bowl buckle scaffolding, better than the door scaffolding.Translated with (free version)


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