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Safety requirements for the erection of ringlock scaffolding

May 12,2023

Building structure safety has always been the most important goal in the process of realizing the construction of each project, especially for public buildings, to ensure that the building can still ensure structural safety and stability in an earthquake.

Ringlock support system safety requirements are as follows:

1,Ringlock support systemmust be in accordance with the approved program and the requirements of the site delivery, strictly prohibit jerry-building, strict compliance with the erection process, shall not be deformed or corrected uprights as construction materials.

2, the erection process, the site must have skilled technical personnel to lead the guidance, and safety officers to follow the inspection and supervision.

3, the erection process is strictly prohibited up and down cross work, to take practical measures to ensure that materials, accessories, tools transfer and use of safety, and according to the site situation in the traffic junction, work parts on the lower set of safety post supervision.

4, the construction load on the working layer should be in line with the design requirements, shall not be overloaded, shall not be concentrated on the scaffold stacking formwork, reinforcing steel and other materials.

5、During the use of scaffolding, it is strictly prohibited to dismantle the structure of the scaffolding bars without authorization, if necessary, must be reported to the technical person in charge of the consent, determine the remedial measures before implementation.


6,scaffolding  should be kept at a safe distance from the overhead transmission lines, site temporary power line erection and scaffolding grounding and lightning protection measures should be in accordance with the current industry standard "construction site temporary power safety technical specifications" (JGJ46) the relevant provisions of the implementation.

7, high work regulations: ① in the event of 6 or more wind, rain, snow, fog weather should stop the scaffolding erection and removal operations. ② workers up and down the scaffolding using climbing ladders, not climbing brackets up and down, not to mention the use of tower cranes, cranes lifting personnel up and down.


pan buckle type scaffolding construction process

When installing and erecting the pan buckle type support frame, the uprights should be installed first, then the horizontal rods, and finally the diagonal rods, after forming the basic erection unit, and then extend the erection into the overall bracket system.

Construction process: foundation treatment → measurement and sampling → installation of base, adjusting the level → installation of uprights, horizontal rods, diagonal rods → erection according to the construction drawings → installation of the top bracket → adjustment of height → laying the main and secondary keel → installation of protective measures → installation of formwork → inspection, acceptance of good records.