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Scaffolding erection and precautions

July 21,2023

In order to ensure the safety of work at height, in high-rise buildings will use a variety of scaffolding, then  scaffolding  to note what? The following and you exchange.

Laying precautions

1.Strictly in accordance with the structure of the size of the erection, control the vertical deviation of the vertical rod and horizontal deviation of the crossbar, and ensure that the node joints meet the requirements

2.The scaffolding piece should be paved, paved and paved stable, there shall be no probe plate.

3.According to the specification requirements to set the sweeping rod, sweeping rod to lock mouth.

4.Attention to the order of lapping of rods.

5.Timely tie with the structure or use temporary support to ensure the safety of the erection process.

6, with the rod fastening solid force in the range of 45-55N / M:.

7.Deformed rods and unqualified buckles (cracks, unqualified dimensions, buckling is not tight, etc.) can not be used.

8.The erection workers must wear a safety belt.

9.Correct the vertical and horizontal deviation of poles at any time to avoid excessive deviation.

10.Unfinished scaffolding, in the daily completion of the scaffolding, must ensure that the frame is stable to avoid accidents.

11.The base and mat board should be accurately placed on the positioning line; the mat board should adopt the length of not less than 2 spans and the thickness of not less than 50mm wooden mat board: the axis line of the base should be perpendicular to the ground.

12. Scaffolding should be erected according to the order of vertical bar, horizontal bar, diagonal bar, connecting wall pieces layer by layer, each time the height of rise is not more than 3m. the longitudinal straightness of the horizontal frame of the ground floor should be ≤ L/200: horizontal bar between the horizontal should be SL / 400.

13.The erection of scaffolding should be carried out in stages, the first stage of the put down height is generally 6m, after erection must be checked and accepted before officially put into use.

14.Verticality of scaffolding full height should be less than L/500: the maximum permissible deviation should be less than 100mm.

15.scaffolding inside and outside the pick beam, pick beam within the scope of only allowed to bear pedestrian load, is strictly prohibited stacking materials.

The above is about the process need to pay attention to the problem, I hope to help you build scaffolding.

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