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The function and usage of external scaffolding

May 12,2023

Scaffoldingis a temporary structural frame for loading, stockpiling and construction work set up for building construction. More importantly, it provides us with a safe walking platform, mainly responsible for the enclosure frame of the whole construction process from the main structure to the later decoration and decoration.

Design requirements for external scaffolding

The outer frame is built with ¢48×3.5 steel pipes, the row distance is not less than 800 ㎜, the longitudinal distance is not more than 1500 ㎜ (determined according to the program), and the step distance is 1800mm.

According to the different materials of formwork, the distance between the uprights and the building is as follows: general formwork: at the shear wall: the inner uprights are within 200mm from the wall; at the place with balcony, the inner uprights are 250mm from the balcony plate; the outer uprights are 1100mm from the wall; large formwork and steel formwork: the inner uprights are within 400mm from the wall.

(1) Steel pipes, fasteners and safety nets must have product quality certificate and be sampled and sent for inspection according to relevant regulations before use, and can only be put into use after passing the inspection.

(2) Special construction plan must be prepared for the erection of external scaffolding, which is in line with the actual construction on site and can be implemented only after approval by the Technical Development Department.

(3), outside scaffolding steel pipe must be anti-rust treatment after rust removal brush an anti-rust paint and two top coat, top coat color is orange (Y100), scissor brace using yellow and black two-color paint, spacing 300-400mm.

(4), each step of the external scaffolding frame hanging 180mm high skirting board on the inside of the external uprights, black and yellow paint sections oblique brush, its spacing is 200mm a section, oblique inclination angle of 45 °.

(5), the steel pipe should be accepted on site, focusing on the appearance, outer diameter, wall thickness, etc. Check the surface of the steel pipe should be straight and smooth, the steel pipe should be free of serious rust, cracks, holes, scars, bending, indentation.

(6), fasteners should be made of malleable cast iron and steel plate pressing, must have product quality certificate, production license and professional testing unit test report.

(7), the scaffold plate should be used steel mesh and bamboo string plate.

(8), the project should use flame retardant dense mesh safety net, green, safety mesh density should not be less than 2000 mesh / 100mm2, safety net must be kept clean and tidy.

(9), with the wall and its pre-buried parts are used and the frame with the same specification steel pipe production, using right-angle fasteners connected.