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What are the precautions for scaffolding erection

June 25,2023

The precautions for scaffolding erection

1.In the scaffolding construction personnel, need to have a full understanding of the construction site and construction drawings, understand the specific methods of operation to ensure adequate safety. And for the site of the steel fasteners, in accordance with the classification, will be better placed, and its to ensure that there will be no large stain obstacles around it.

2. Through the  scaffolding  for work at height, all the staff need to do the necessary safety measures, such as wearing good safety equipment, and tied the safety belt, resolutely not to wear with a relatively high shoes, all the tools, are to be loaded into the kit, shall not be placed indiscriminately, so as to avoid the situation of falling from height.

3. If the location is closer to the power supply to dismantle the scaffolding, need to pay attention to the problem is more, first of all, the power supply to cut off, and do a good job of tight protection. Never place the power cord in the scaffolding, if there is a leakage is very dangerous.

4. In the process of erecting scaffolding, is the first to the inside of the uprights to the arrangement, before the external uprights can be arranged, control the uprights in the vertical direction of the deviation, try to ensure that in the safe house, so as not to use later, bring safety hazards, bring unnecessary trouble to the construction staff.

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