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What is the standard size of scaffolding erection

June 25,2023

The standard size of scaffolding erection is as follows:

1.Scaffolding steel pipe should be used φ48.3 × 3.6 steel pipe. It is strictly forbidden to use the steel pipe with holes, cracks, deformation and slippage of the bolts. Fasteners in the bolt tightening torque up to 65 N - m, shall not be damaged. There should be a product certificate of conformity, and should be sample retest.

2. Safety net hanging tightly, to achieve a large flat, taut, straight, horizontal lap parts to ensure that at least overlap a hole, and hole full tie, shall not miss tied, from a distance there shall be no obvious gaps. The upper and lower mouth tying shall not obscure the large horizontal bar, uniform buckle in the inner side of the large horizontal bar, the upper and lower steps shall be tied tightly between the net buckle shall not miss tying.

3. The site prohibits the use of fire-retardant performance does not meet the requirements of the dense mesh safety net. Dense mesh safety net must meet the 2000 mesh / 100cm2. specification for 1.8m × 6m, single net weight should not be less than 3kg.

4. Large corner, vertical and horizontal horizontal bars in the elevation must be strictly controlled in 10 ~ 20 cm, the length of the same, prohibit the emergence of arbitrary erection, out of the shelf body of varying lengths, uneven phenomenon.

5. The outer scaffolding steel pipe must be rust-proof treatment, after rust removal, brush a rust-proof paint and two yellow top coat. The first step of scaffolding, scissor brace and steel pipe used for safety protection are painted with yellow and black color, and the spacing is 400mm. High quality paint should be used.

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