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What is the width of scaffolding erection

June 25,2023

The width of  scaffolding  is generally 900 mm to 1300 mm net width, depending on the requirements of different construction locations .

Scaffolding erection specification requirements:

1.Important scaffolding must develop a construction plan, if necessary, to develop safety assurance measures .

2. The height of more than 25m scaffolding must be used fastener type  steel pipe scaffolding , its single rod scaffolding height should be controlled within 50m; height of more than 50m scaffolding should be used double tube riser, wire rope diagonal pull, segmental unloading and other effective measures, and other special design .

3. The design of scaffolding shall meet the needs of the project, and indicate its use, maximum static load, maximum dynamic load and horizontal force; the selected design parameters and components, shall not be lower than the current national and industry standards of relevant safety specifications.

4. Scaffolding in the construction needs to change the original structure, height, changed to other use, etc., must be verified by the technical department, and approved.

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