cuplock standard,spigot connector,cuplock ledger

frame system

cuplock standard,spigot connector,cuplock ledger
American Frame system
American Frame system,cuplock ledger,ringlock system,kwikstage standard
cuplock standard,spigot connector,cuplock ledger
ringlock diagonal brace,spigot connector,scaffolding tube & coupler,cuplock side board support,kwikstage system

American Frame system

Frame scaffolding is one of the most widely used scaffolding in construction scaffolding, and the entire frame is usually made of round tubes. The composition principle is to use both ends of the scaffolding frame, connected and fixed by two crosse brace. Frame system is mainly composed of the main frame, cross brace, planks and adjustable base jack. According to the shape, it can be divided into walk through and ladder frame. It is mainly used in building construction, decoration construction, stage stand, etc.
Surface treatment:Painted,Powder coated,Pre-galvanized,Hot dip galvanized.
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iso9001 & ce certificated american frame scaffolding manufacturer&supplier in china.   
our scaffolding frames are produced according to osha & anis american standard
mason frames take 30% less space than any other regular frames.
all of our goods will pass three quality inspections before shipment.
easy to assemble, economical, versatile, and safe.
Mason Frame WxH(mm): 1219x1524,1524x914,1524x1219,1524x1524,1524x1930
Walk Through Frame WxH(mm) : 1219x1700,1219x1930,,1524x1219,1524x1930,1524x2006.6
Ladder Fame WxH(mm): 609x1524,609x1930,914x1219,914x1524,914x1828
Advantages of the frame system:
1. Simple disassembly, easy movement, good bearing capacity and reliable use
2. Safe and reliable. The frame system consists of a cross system and is secured by a locking pin that ensures safety and stability.
3. A variety of models are available. We can provide ladder frame and walk through frame, light and heavy-duty, regular frame and American frame.

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