erw pipe,steel plank,h-frame & a-frame

Scaffolding Coupler

erw pipe,steel plank,h-frame & a-frame

Scaffolding Coupler

  • British Drop Forged Double Coupler

    British Drop Forged Double Coupler

    Product weight: 1.03kg
    Product finish: zinc plated
    Bag quantity: 25
    Pallet quantity: 1250
    Our drop forged double coupler is fully prototype and batch tested to ensure a consistent high quality product.
    Load bearing fitting which connects two 48.3mm outside diameter scaffold tubes at right angles.
    En 74 class b, has a slip resistance 9.30kn
    En 74 class 1b, has a slip resistance of 15kn & a failure load of 30kn.
  • British Drop Forged Swivel Coupler

    British Drop Forged Swivel Coupler

    Product Weight: 1.1KG
    Product Finish: Zinc Plated
    Bag Quantity: 25
    Pallet Quantity: 1100
    Our Drop Forged Swivel coupler is fully prototype and batch tested to ensure a consistent high quality product.
    A Load bearing fitting which connects two 48.3mm outside diameter scaffold tubes at any angles. Often used for façade, sectional or plan bracing.
    EN 74 Class A, has a slip resistance 6.10kN
    EN 74 Class 1A, has a slip resistance 10k
  • British Board Retaining Coupler

    British Board Retaining Coupler

    Forged board clamps with forged covers and pressed bodies. the scaffold coupler covers and bodies are connected by scaffold bolts and nuts, rivets, etc.
    Material--the product material is q235 carbon steel which is higher than the standard as the raw material.
    Bolt--the bolt is 8.8 grade high-strength bolt, which ensures the quality.
    Quality assurance, more resistance to falls, improve the efficiency of scaffolding removal, saving time.
    Products using advanced technology, avoid the production malpractice of old craft, causes the product the anti-deformation and the anti-stretching performance to be stronger, more fits the scaffolding, more firm, not easy to slide.
    according to the professional design and advanced technology, all products are manufactured in strict accordance with en74 and bs1139 standards, quality guarantee, ensure construction safety and personnel safety.
  • British Forged Ladder Clamp

    British Forged Ladder Clamp

    British forged ladder clamp is widely used in global market to connect 48.3mm tubes and square ladders.
    Support sgs certification.
    Surface finish: electro galvanized, or hot dip galvanized.
    Meeting en74 and bs1139 standard.
    Rich experience in producing british forged ladder clamp. we have our own forging line.
  • British Forged Putlog Coupler

    British Forged Putlog Coupler

    Easy maintenance. because couplers themselves are not easy to rust and break, maintenance is very convenient after use.
    After passivation and galvanizing, the anti-rust ability of the whole piece is greatly improved, and its service life is long, far exceeding the service life of pressed couplers.
    With the new connection, the new nut ensures that the pressed couplers can be fixed vertically and firmly in the case of steel tube deformation, eliminating the possibility of steel tube slippage.
    Based on the iso9001 quality management system, the quality management department implements strict standards and supervision on the whole process from materials selection to final products manufacturing to ensure consistent quality
    Can be used to resist tension or compression loads.
    Our putlog coupler connects scaffold tubes and transom in o.d 48.3mm. it enables scaffold guardrail and midrails to standard scaffold tube at 90 degree. putlog couplers wrap around two vertical Scaffolding tubes without leaving a gap. it enables scaffold boards and battens onto the top of the scaffold tube.
  • British Drop Forged Half Coupler

    British Drop Forged Half Coupler

    Drop forged half coupler British type is made to connect 48.3mm tube.
    Unit weight:0.65kg
    Nut size: 1/2″ * 21mm
    Customized marks can be made as required
    Surface finish: electro galvanized, or hot dip galvanized
    Meeting EN74 and BS1139 Standard
    Packing: 100pcs in one bag, 50 bags are packed on one wood or steel pallet
    Rich experience in producing all types of scaffolding couplers, pressed type and drop forged type. We have our own forging line.
    Fast delivery
  • British Forged Girder Coupler

    British Forged Girder Coupler

    Our Scaffold Girder Clamp meets all UK Standards and will fit a Standard Scaffold Pole.
    Designed for Long Life, Durable and Weather Proof.
    Easy to Install & Dismantle
    Gravlock Couplers will firmly Secure to your Scaffold Tube.
    Quality Standard AS 1576.1
    Rust Proof
    Zinc Plated Exterior
    Fits Standard Scaffold Tube
    Easy to Store
    Durable & Strong
    Long Life
  • British Forged Swivel Girder Coupler

    British Forged Swivel Girder Coupler

    Type:British Type Double Coupler
    Material :Q235;
    Standard : EN74,BS1139
    ISO 9001:2000 is approved;
    OEM service is available.
  • British Pressed Double Coupler

    British Pressed Double Coupler

    Joins two scaffold tubes having an outside diameter of 48.3mm at right angles.
    Tightening nuts suit standard scaffold spanner
    Replaceable t bolts, nuts, and washers.
    Robust design made from pressed steel for durability and reliability.
    Hot-dip galvanized finish for corrosion resistance.
    Complies with the requirements of bs1139.
    The typical working load limit of 6.25 kn against slip at tightening torque of 54 nm.
    Can be used to resist tension or compression loads.
  • British Pressed Swivel Coupler

    British Pressed Swivel Coupler

    Our offered pressed coupler is highly demanded in the industry.
    The entire couplers are engineered as per the set industry norms and standards at vendor's end.
    We presented this pressed coupler in market as our dynamic product embarked with highest level of durability.
    These couplers are specially engineered to give high performance confirming to en-74, bs-1139, jis : g3444, ss : 311 and as-1576 standards.
    Our company offer these couplers in different finishes like electro galvanization /hot dip galvanization / yellow passivation / sheradised.
    Clients can avail these couplers from us to fit a variety of tube diameters & nut configurations/multiple bolt.
  • Pressed Sleeve Coupler

    Pressed Sleeve Coupler

    External coupler for end to end joints on either standards, ledgers or bracing
    en/47/bs1139 standard pressed britsh type scaffolding sleeve coupler
    This scaffold fitting connects two scaffold tubes externally.
    A centre steel divider ensures an equal insertion of each tube
    fitting can be used where tension joints are required particularly useful for long bracing tubes.
  • Pressed Putlog Coupler

    Pressed Putlog Coupler

    Connects putlog or transom tubes to ledger tubes for the support of scaffold boards.
    The one-piece body has been carefully designed and press-formed to provide the maximum resistance.
    Used for connection of putlogs & transoms to ledgers
    Compatible with all scaffold systems: slung scaffold, prefabricated scaffolding, putlog scaffold
  • JIS 110°Pressed Swivel Coupler48.6mm/60.6mm

    JIS 110°Pressed Swivel Coupler48.6mm/60.6mm

    Jis scaffolding pressed swivel coupler for construction
    High quality materials, higher quality.
    Advanced technology, better performance
    Anti-rust treatment, longer service life.
    Standard production, more secure.
  • JIS 110°pressed double Coupler48.6mm/60.6mm

    JIS 110°pressed double Coupler48.6mm/60.6mm

    This scaffold fitting connects two scaffold tubes at right angle.
    Precision made centers or fitting’s body ensures a 90 degree connection.
    For durable purposes, there are zinc-plated(e-galvanized) and hot-dip galvanized fixed clamps
    anti-rust liquid, electro galvanized zinc coating, or hot dipped zinc coating
    with advanced craft, our products conform toen74 and bs1139 standard
  • Korean 90°Pressed Swivel Coupler48.6mm/60.6mm

    Korean 90°Pressed Swivel Coupler48.6mm/60.6mm

    Sheet thickness 4 to 5 mm
    Golden zinc plated
    Ms bolt and boron steel
    With advantages of anti-slip, anti-corrosion.
    Normally used with a fasten and connection functions in system
  • Korean 90°Pressed double Coupler48.6mm/60.6mm

    Korean 90°Pressed double Coupler48.6mm/60.6mm

    Pressed Korean type scaffolding double coupler is also called 90 degree right angle coupelr or scaffolding fixed clamp,used for fixing horizonal and vertical scaffold steel pipes,mainly used in south korea and southeast asian markets.
    Weight: 500-670g,
    Surface treatment: galvanized.
    Fastening bolts :8.8 grade

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