smls & seamless steel pipe,american frame system,kwikstage ledger

Scaffolding Coupler

smls & seamless steel pipe,american frame system,kwikstage ledger
JIS 110°Pressed Double Coupler48.6mm/60.6mm
JIS 110°pressed double Coupler48.6mm/60.6mm,smls & seamless steel pipe,steel catwalk,american frame system
smls & seamless steel pipe,american frame system,kwikstage ledger
kwikstage transom,scaffolding tube & coupler,ringlock base collar,erw pipe,adjustable steel shoring prop

JIS 110°Pressed Double Coupler48.6mm/60.6mm

Type: JIS Standard Pressed Double Coupler, Pressed Double Coupler, Scaffold Double Coupler
Standard: JIS/BS1139/EN74
Material: Q235
Surface Treatment: Electro-galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized
Process Technology: Pressed
MOQ: 5 Tons
Place of Origin: Tianjin, China
Shipping Port: Tianjin Port
Delivert Time: Within 20-30 days after receiving the LC or Deposit
Sample: Availbale, Sample for Free
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jis 110°pressed double coupler connects two scaffold tubes at right angle.
precision made centers or fitting’s body ensures a 90 degree connection.
for durable purposes, there are zinc-plated(e-galvanized) and hot-dip galvanized fixed clamps
anti-rust liquid, electro galvanized zinc coating, or hot dipped zinc coating
with advanced craft, our products conform toen74 and bs1139 standard
pressed coupler has strong anti-sliding performance and anti-deformation ability, which can ensure the safety and repeated effective use of pressed scaffolding coupler, strong anti-corrosion ability, not easy to damage and easy to maintain, strong anti-stripping ability, the use of a new type of connection, new type of nut fastener can always be fixed vertically, eliminate the possibility of steel tube slip-off. we always adheres to customer demand as the guide, with the pursuit of high quality and efficient service, won the market reputation.
Easy maintenance.
Because couplers themselves are not easy to rust and break, maintenance is very convenient after use, which not only reduces the difficulty of maintenance, but also saves the maintenance cost, reduces the manpower and material resources of maintenance, and increases the efficiency and quality of construction.

Strong corrosion resistance.
After passivation and galvanizing, the anti-rust ability of the whole piece is greatly improved, and its service life is long, far exceeding the service life of pressed couplers.

Strong resistance to stripping.
With the new connection, the new nut ensures that the pressed couplers can be fixed vertically and firmly in the case of steel tube deformation, eliminating the possibility of steel tube slippage.

Strong anti-deformation ability.
Compared with the ordinary pressed couplers, because of the different manufacturing processes, it breaks through the limitation of the traditional stamping process on material thickness, which can completely guarantee the non-deformation in the use process, thus ensuring the safety and reuse of products.

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