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steel catwalk,kwikstage transom,cuplock side board support

Shinestar's Annual Last And Biggest Promotion, All Products Dropped By 100 Cny / Ton


unitl november 2022, shinestar steel group has completed the annual sales target, and its performance has reached a new amount which exceeded 5 billion. nice prologue! get such impressive performance, we not only want to thank all the staff for their efforts, but also thank the support of our new and old customers. here, in order to give back to the support and love of new and old customers, shinestar steel group will launch a year-end thanksgiving activity for one month (december 1 to 31, 2022), with unprecedented low prices and distinguished services. , really grateful to return customers.

all products dropped by 100 cny/ton, and the promotion is the largest in history

as known, the large-scale gratitude and promotion of shinestar steel group in december this time, the scale of profit-making is the largest in history. during this period, customers who purchase any product from shinestar steel group can get a huge discount of 100 cny per ton, so that you can really buy products with low prices, high quality and a complete range of good products; at the same time, you can also enjoy the one-stop service provided by the elite team of shinestar steel group. this will be a great harvest in the finale of 2022 for you, and an annual ceremony that gathers the best products and the most sincere gratitude of shinestar.

building a century-old model enterprise, shinestar will never stop

shinestar steel group co., ltd. is an overall steel procurement service provider based in china and serving the world. since its establishment 30 years ago, it has been providing integrated services including production, procurement, sales, processing, logistics and information providing for all steel buyers at home and abroad. it has been awarded the top 500 private enterprises in china, the top 50 steel sales in china, the top 100 private enterprises in hunan province, the 3rd in china's steel pipe exporting, and the 1st in hunan province's steel pipe sales. in 2019, the sales of steel products exceeded 1 million tons, and the sales revenue exceeded 4 billion.

mrs wang lihui, chairman of shinestar steel group, said that in the future, shinestar will develop and produce more high-quality and competitive new products, and reduce costs through technological innovation, large-scale production, and integrated operations, so that customers can get more affordable prices. , enjoy more high-quality products and services, truly solve problems and create value for customers, and finally achieve the goal of building "a century-old benchmarking enterprise in the field of overall steel services".

note: promotion rules

1. promotion time: december 1, 2022 - december 31, 2022

2. the details of promotion:

promotion 1: tall products dropped by 100 cny / ton

during the period, all purchases of any product from shinestar steel group will be directly reduced by 100 cny/ton according to the lowest price on that day.

promotion 1: enjoy intimate one-stop service

during the period, you can also enjoy the full one-stop service provided by the elite team of shinestar, so that you can save time and effort and avoid worries.

how to get promotion:

1. telephone:086 0731-88603183 / 086 0731-88706026

2. company website:

kind notes:

1. during the above promotion, each order must be full advance payment before participating in this promotion;

2. the delivery time of the order is 15 days;

3. effective time for receiving orders: 24 hours;

4. the above discounts are valid for the sales teams of all subsidiaries of shinestar steel group.

5. the final interpretation right of this event belongs to shinestar steel group co., ltd.

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