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kwikstage transom,scaffolding tube & coupler,ringlock base collar

How should steel pipe be descaled?


you can use wire brush and other tools to polish the surface of steel pipe, which can remove the loose or warped oxidized skin, rust, weld slag and so on. the use of solvents, emulsions on steel pipe cleaning, can effectively remove oil, vegetable grease, dust, lubricants and similar organic compounds, but this method can not remove the surface layer of the steel pipe rust, oxidized skin, welding flux, etc., so in the anticorrosive production and manufacturing is only used as an auxiliary way.

woodworking power tools rust treatment can exceed sa2 level, power special tools rust treatment can exceed sa3 level, if the stainless steel plate surface layer attached solid zinc ash, special tools rust treatment of the actual effect is not idealized, not up to the frp anti-corrosion provisions of the anchor grain depth can be used in chemical and electrolytic method of the two ways to do pickling to solve the problem of pipeline anticorrosion only chemical pickling, able to remove the air oxidation skin, rust, the old coating, chemical cleaning, although the surface layer can make more than a certain degree of cleanliness and surface roughness, but its anchor pattern is shallow, and easy to cause pollution to the environment.

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