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erw pipe,steel plank,h-frame & a-frame

Why use steel springboard


steel springboard has fireproof, sand accumulation prevention, light weight, corrosion resistance, alkali resistance and high compressive strength, surface concave-convex holes, the two sides of the i-type design effect than similar products is particularly significant, the hole spacing neat molding specifications, beautiful appearance, durable (normal construction can be used continuously for 6-8 years) the bottom of the unique sand leakage holes play a role in the prevention of sand accumulation, especially suitable for the use of sandblasting workshop of the shipyard coating. when using steel springboard, the steel pipe for scaffolding can be appropriately reduced and the building efficiency can be improved. the price is lower than wooden boards, and the investment can still be recovered 35%-40% after years of scrapping.

1. steel springboard has high recycling rate, long service life, easy to install and dismantle conveniently, and can still pay the garbage disposal fee after scrapping.

2. the unique row of convex holes depicted in the steel springboard can reduce the self-weight, while also playing a non-slip, anti-deformation. both sides of the i-type depiction increases the fastness and strength, anti-accumulation of sand, and make its appearance beautiful and generous, strong and durable.

3. the unique shape of the steel springboard depicts that it is easier to bundle and install, and the stacking is neat and tidy when it is idle.

4. the steel jump plate is made of carbon steel cold processed, through the hot-dip galvanizing technology, the service life can be up to 5-8 years or so.

5. the use of steel springboard has become a trend at home and abroad, greatly enhancing the company's construction qualifications, a big step forward.

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