kwikstage standard,ringlock base collar,scaffolding steel plank&board

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kwikstage standard,ringlock base collar,scaffolding steel plank&board

Gratitude to the 2015 !Unity for beter 2016 !


a letter of thanks to valued customer form the chairman of shine star steel group

a warmly greetings for partners, colleagues and friends:

in the intricate international and domestic economic trend, shine star steel group together with you, steadily stepped through 2015, and ushered in 2016!

in the past 2015, in the development of the globalization strategy, shine star steel group has added several strokes of strong emphasis:two major overseas divisions in dubai and sydney, and the establishment of threeway steel and great steel of wuhan branches , further consolidating the overseas market; two major production bases in nanchang and tianjin have been completed and put into production,and the group's r&d and production line is becoming mature and perfect.domestic trade has risen against the market, bull market

skyrocket,shine star steel group have 16 subsidiaries company,as well as global coverage and highly competitive sales and trade network , which has grown into an integrated service provider for domestic "aircraft carrier" steel procurement.

we will not enjoy in past glories,because every step of the development of shine star is only a small step towards the goal of building a century-old benchmark enterprise in the field of steel overall service.the succeed of each step is inseparable from the domestic and international partners who choose shine star ,the employees who move forward,the ones who pay attention and support shine star.thanks for all of you to promote shine star's development and help shine star to a brilliant future.

2016 is the first year of thirteenth five-year plan for national economic and social development of the people's republic of china,and it is also the 23rd year of shine star's development.we do not know how future goes on ,but shine star staff are still full of confidence and passion, and continue to take practical actions to fulfill the great mission of "achieving employees and customers externally", and grow up together .finally, i sincerely wish everyone good health, smooth work and a happy family!

let's work together and unity for beter 2016 !

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