ringlock diagonal brace,erw pipe,ringlock&octango standard

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ringlock diagonal brace,erw pipe,ringlock&octango standard

Advantages of buckle-type scaffolding

1. the buckle-type scaffolding adopts a hot-dip galvanizing process, thus giving the scaffolding a longer service life.
2. the cost of buckle-type scaffolding is lower than most other scaffolding.
3. the buckle-type scaffolding also has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, no burning, and high bearing capacity.
4. the buckle-type scaffolding is more stressed than other types of scaffolding.
5. the spare parts of buckle-type scaffolding are not easy to lose, reducing construction costs.
6. the disassembly and assembly of the buckle-type scaffolding is very simple.

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