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cuplock ledger,ringlock system,kwikstage standard

Composition and Parts of Ring Lock Scaffolding


ring lock scaffolding is a common type of scaffolding system used in construction work. it provides stable support for workers and materials during the construction process. the following is an overview of the composition and parts of a ring lock scaffolding system:


1. stable base: the foundation of the scaffolding system, usually made of concrete or metal structures, provides stability and support for the scaffolding frame.
2. scaffolding frame: the main structure of the scaffolding system, made of steel pipes, beams, and other components. it forms the framework of the scaffolding and supports the platforms, ladders, and other accessories.
3. ring locks: the main component of ring lock scaffolding, ring locks connect the scaffolding frame to each other and provide stability and support for the entire system. they also allow for easy assembly and dismantling of the scaffolding.
4. platforms: platforms are the working surfaces provided by the scaffolding system. they can be made of wooden planks, metal sheets, or other materials and are used for working, resting, and storing materials.
5. ladders: ladders are used to provide access to higher levels or to reach inaccessible areas. they can be made of metal ladders, wooden ladders, or portable stairs.
6. other accessories: other accessories such as braces, tensioners, and safety equipment are necessary for ensuring worker safety and efficiency during construction work.


1. rings: rings are the individual components that make up the ring locks. they are usually made of steel or aluminum and are used to connect adjacent scaffolding frames or platforms.
2. locking bolts: locking bolts secure the rings together to form a solid connection between the scaffolding frames and provide stability and support for the entire system.
3. braces: braces are used to support the scaffolding frame and provide additional stability when needed. they can be made of steel pipes or wooden planks and are attached to the scaffolding frame using bolts or clips.
4. tensioners: tensioners are used to adjust the tension of the ring locks and ensure stability and safety during use. they can be hydraulic or mechanical devices that apply tension to the rings to maintain their position and prevent movement.
5. safety equipment: safety equipment includes personal protective equipment such as hard hats, safety shoes, and gloves, as well as safety devices such as fall arrest systems and fall arrest harnesses to prevent accidents during construction work.

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