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smls & seamless steel pipe,steel catwalk,american frame system

Cup lock scaffolding Parts and Composition


cup lock scaffolding is another popular type of scaffolding system used in construction work. it is known for its versatility, ease of assembly, and high load-bearing capacity. here is an overview of the parts and composition of cup lock scaffolding:


1. vertical standards: these are the main vertical components of the cup lock scaffolding system. they provide the primary support and stability for the scaffolding structure. the standards have multiple cups attached to them, which serve as connection points for the horizontal ledgers and transoms.

2. horizontal ledgers: horizontal ledgers are horizontal components that are connected to the cups of the vertical standards. they provide support and help in distributing the load evenly across the scaffolding structure.

3. transoms: transoms are horizontal components that are fixed perpendicular to the ledgers. they provide additional support and rigidity to the scaffolding system. transoms are typically used to create platforms or working levels in the scaffolding structure.

4. diagonal braces: diagonal braces are used to provide stability and prevent the scaffolding structure from swaying or moving. they are installed diagonally between the vertical standards and can be adjusted to ensure proper tension.

5. base jacks: base jacks are adjustable components that are used to level and stabilize the scaffolding structure on uneven surfaces. they are placed at the base of the vertical standards and can be extended or retracted to achieve the desired height and stability.

6. toe boards: toe boards are horizontal elements attached to the ledgers or transoms to prevent tools, equipment, or materials from falling off the working platform. they ensure a safe working environment for workers.


1. cups: cups are the key components of the cup lock system. they have a cup-shaped design that accommodates the ledgers and transoms, providing a secure connection between them and the vertical standards.

2. wedge pins: wedge pins are used to lock the cup lock components together. they are inserted through holes in the cups and secured by tapping them with a hammer. this creates a secure and stable connection between the different parts of the scaffolding.

3. connectors: connectors are used to join the horizontal ledgers and transoms together at the cup connection points. they are typically made of steel and provide a strong connection between the components.

4. brackets: brackets are used to attach the scaffolding structure to the building or other supporting structures. they provide stability and support to the scaffolding system.

5. joint pins: joint pins are used to connect and align the vertical standards to form a continuous vertical structure. they ensure proper alignment and stability of the scaffolding system.

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