frame system,scaffolding tube,ringlock base collar

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frame system,scaffolding tube,ringlock base collar

Correct use of steel springboard to extend the service life


the service life of steel springboard is related to many factors. first of all, the selection of steel springboard is very important. the raw material of steel springboard produced by jiangsu bolin is carbon steel, and the zinc layer is more than 80 grams. the second is the process of steel springboard, steel springboard day by day constantly updated, pu standard steel springboard has a strong technical force, in the steel springboard process is constantly updated, the side box with ribbed edges, strengthen the bearing capacity.

in the erection and dismantling process should be from the safety and economic aspects to think, not barbaric dismantling can be used for 6-8 years. the head of the steel springboard of our factory has oval-shaped holes, which can be dangled by a rope during the loading and unloading process. in this way, the occurrence of production accidents can be eliminated and the steel springboard can be used in turnover.

steel springboard as construction, water conservancy, petroleum, chemical and other climbing equipment, not only to have safety but also to have durability. this is the characteristics of steel springboard: anti-corrosion, fire prevention and waterproof. regardless of the size of the project, the project period is long or short, and the steel springboard is to ensure the safety of construction personnel construction of construction aids, which should ensure the service life of the steel springboard.

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